Sunday, May 29, 2011

Bob the Builder

Rare is it that daddy can do anything in our home without a "mini-me" following him around. I absolutely adore it - it is simply the cutest thing when I see C working on something in the home and Master 4 is usually right by his side (okay so it wasn't as adorable when I realised he had taken this act a little too far by actually drawing on the wall to measure where he was to drill a pen no less).

Perth in Autumn

I'm in unchartered territory - for me anyway. Spending Autumn in Perth, on our 4 previous visits to Perth prior to moving here I had never been here in Autumn, it was always Spring or Summer. I have to say I am loving it. Traditionally Anzac day in Canberra is the start of the freezing weather, the start of long sleeves until at least September. But Perth is so different and I am not taking the differences for granted in any way. I should note, you won't see me blogging about what I miss or the cons of living in Perth. It goes without saying that we miss our friends and family so much, but life is about embracing change and all the positives in life and as such I don't stop very often, if ever to feel sad or sorry about our situation - we are so very fortunate. I just wanted to note that so that you know.

Anyway, as I was saying...Autumn in Perth, at least for us is:

Visits to the park (and not having to rug us all up!)

Visits to the beach:

Taking a swing in the backyard at 5.30PM (again without having to rug up!)

Enjoying a family dinner outside (okay so maybe that ocean breeze is sometimes a little too cool to enjoy dinner outside without a jumper...but you can't have everything right?)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Late night visitors

A couple of nights ago Master 4 woke up at about 11pm, usually he goes to bed and we don't hear a peep for 12 hours. So to hear him pitter patter into our room at 11pm and tell us he felt sick I jumped at the opportunity to have him hop into our bed and cuddle us for the night. He loved it too, cuddling up inbetween his mummy and daddy I have no doubt he felt safe and loved. We held hands for some of the night, I know it sounds corny but his little hand on my pillow was irresistable. And the sleepless night aside with him waking for water and his little brother waking (a reminder he was at the other side of the house alone no doubt), it was really nice.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


It seems only fitting that my little A has finally attached to a comforter, and that comforters name is Cookie. A loves his food, he loves his cookies too. After months of trying to get him to attach to a comforter that suited me he finally found what suited him. A beautiful bear that was gifted to him before he was even born, it is a good 3/4 of his size and he adores him.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Emerald Wave

Sounds nice doesn't it? It's the colour of our new wall. Fitting giving our proximity to the beach and it's waves, on some days there are parts of the ocean that look like this colour. It is so beautiful where we live. At first I was a little startled by the 'brightness' of our new wall. The prior soft green colour was soothing and whilst it didn't match in with our new splashback the new matching colour being more vibrant and a strong colour was at first a little worrying. But once we completed the entire wall I quickly fell in love with it. The wall now has a couple of important additions - photos of our gorgeous boys. This image is just a portion of the wall, its a very big high wall that takes pride of place in the middle of our home.