Monday, May 7, 2012

It's been a while

I've not been around these parts for a few months, I check into blogger frequently to read up on the many friends who blog regularly and the people I don't know but am interested in. Somehow though, getting the energy to put together a post myself has eluded me.
You see I've been in a bubble of busy the last few weeks...oh yes and morning sickness!

The new year has blessed us with a new baby due in the Spring, we are thrilled, blessed, excited and so so happy! As of Friday our precious 3rd bambino is well and baking as a baby of 20 weeks gestation should. Along with baking a baby we've been busy in open home fun and busy with our boys as usual.

Life is good to us. We have our health, we have good friends, supportive family and a wonderful full life.

It feels like I'm in a bubble and I'm terrified the bubble will pop.

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