Monday, May 7, 2012

Thinking Vintage

Now that we are 20 weeks along I am somewhat less apprehensive and more excitedly planning everything baby. I'm looking forward to getting back to the newborn phase, and I'm so enjoying planning what to wrap baby in and what to do in the nursery.
You see, not long before we found out we were pregnant I had sold a lot of items. I lusted after another baby but I didn't think we would have one (hubby was pretty set against not). Fate landed on our doorstep. It's like one door closes as another passes. Days after my husband and his family farewelled the patriarch of their family, my husband's much loved grandfather we conceived this precious soul. I'm a firm believer in what the universe takes it also delivers. It works in crazy ways. So here we were in January with a baby on the way and suddenly...very limited baby items.
I've sat back and waited until now to look at our newborn items. Nervous to acknowledge this wonderful thing that is happening to us.

So now, I am embracing, accepting and planning. The 1 piece I have to work with is a beautiful vintage bassinet that my best friend is giving us. She is a newborn and maternity photographer and had purchased this as a prop. It will find a wonderful home with our precious babe I tell you! I will be using this vintage bassinet as the basis of our nursery, I plan to carefully blend modern and vintage but will mostly use a vintage them. Pinterest is getting a massive workout with finding ideas. What a shame shows like The Block don't do a family version. There are shows in the US like 'Make room for baby' where you see rooms renovated for new baby's however these are so American and very cliche and over done.

Since we are moving sometime between now and baby's due date I have to pin and pin until my hearts content, buy wraps and clothes for our precious bambino and wait until we are settled to set up stations.

And the's growing <3 My best friend. The aforementioned newborn/maternity photographer decided to whip the camera out on the weekend to mark our halfway point, here is one of the shots. I adore it (you can see more on the blog at

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